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Building a Unique Comedy Brand

Sanjay is originally from Los Angelesmoved to Bangalore in 2010 as a software project manager.  As a typical middle-class Indian-American who realized “you can do whatever you want in this world….AFTER ENGINEERING” he kept performing shows and created open mics in the city, as well as in Mumbai and Delhi. Eventually his efforts became the Indian stand up comedy scene you see today, with comedians doing shows every weekend on sites like BookMyShow Bengaluru and Comedy Central.  In 2022 Sanjay moved to Memphis, Tennessee and now performs in clubs and corporate shows across the South. 

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Sanjay Manaktala BBC
Comedian Writer in Bangalore India Sanjay

Becoming One of the Best Comedians in India

India in 2010 was booming, but not in the art of humor.  In fact people would say things like “Yeah Indians don’t laugh, they get offended easily,” or our favorite “He is trying to be a Peter Russell.”

That’s when Sanjay along with Comedian Praveen Kumar and Sundeep Rao started creating comedy clubs in the city, performing at Canvas Laugh Club in Mumbai (and assisting others to). Pretty soon other comedy hopefuls started to take notice, places like That Comedy Club sprung up to capitalize on the trend, and Bangalore Comedy Club became a stop in every top comedian in India’s schedule. 

Flash forward nine years,  comedy is in thriving and pretty much in every entertainment vertical.  No more just watching your CEO dancing to Gangam style. Yay!

Throughout that time Sanjay  created, wrote and produced several viral youTube videos. He is one of the first Indian comedians to use the platform, was the first to start recording and releasing stand up comedy videos at Canvas Laugh Club, amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and now tours the world and writes about a range of topics. 


  • Amassed over 35 million views on viral videos such as the IT Guy Series, Stand up Comedy videos, the Maid Series, Comedy Sketches and personal and inspirational videos.

  • Appeared as the top comedian on YouTube in India multiple times over the years. 
  • The Sanjay Manaktala blog crosses 200K readers in July 2022.

  • Built a following of 400K organic followers and multiple international press coverage on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and youTube. 

  • Published a book with Harper Collins in the self-help and motivation industry for confused IT Engineers of South Asian backgrounds, aptly titled “My Beta Does Computer Things.”

  • Acted in Season 2 of Karenjit Kaur with superstar Sunny Leone on the Zee Five streaming platform.

  • Toured India with UK Superstar Russell Brand across Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.

  • Voted by GQ India as one the top podcasts in the country for the Global Comedian Podcast with guests like Vir Das, Atul Khatri, Kunal Kamra and more.

  • Birdy Num Num Podcast quickly featured on Spotify and Apple charts within 20 episodes. 

On stage for Russell Brand in India in Delhi.
Bangalore comedy audience
IT Guy 4.0 Sanjay manaktala
Sanjay Manaktala Maid Interview


It’s kind of strange to list out services of a stand up comedian, but you can see reach out to Sanjay for help with:

  • Stand Up Comedy performance at your corporate company event or school in India, Singapore or the USA.
  • Writing an Ad, film, sketch, movie or music video
  • Guest Post and Blogging
  • Suggestions on content or podcasts
  • Podcast Interview Requests (please include credits)
  • Acting
  • YouTube collaborations
  • Pub Show Inquiries to Bangalore Comedy Club Facebook Page
  • Consulting on Social Media strategy 
  • Script Review
  • Social Media Influencing


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Sanjay’s comedy is extremely casual and conversational and covers topics such as dating, information technology, stand up comedy on IT and corporate life.

He has performed at thousands of corporate events, colleges, pub shows, festivals and live broadcasts.  

His live performances have been featured on the BBC multiple times, CNN.com, Comedy Central India, Forbes Magazine, 9GAG and Buzzfeed, and most major publications.

To see his writing style check out the most read blog about nice guys!