36 Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Looking for Tamil movies to watch tonight?

Amazon Prime Video is leading a big push into Tamil movies, series and original content like stand up comedy specials and reality shows.  

If you don’t want to watch movies, audio books are even better when solo or cooking.

The competition is fierce but it’s also never been a better time for Tamil cinema. 

The Kollywood industry has always been known (along with the Malayalam industry) to produce well written and original stories that Bollywood often ends up remaking. 

As Netflix, Amazon and Hotstar battle it out to see who comes out on top, the ultimate winner will the audience and public who will get quality content where they want it, when they want it.  No more trying to search Tamilrockers for the various Tamil movies. 

Instead, now you can get all the quality content of the best Tamil movies, with the latest superstars in HD quality on your TV.  In the language you prefer!

I was wondering what the latest Tamil films were on Amazon Prime so I put this guide together. There are so many political dramas and crime thrillers every year from this film industry it becomes hard to filter through with limited time.  So here you go, please enjoy! 

What are the Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime? 

  • 2.0 Tamil (6.4) 
  • Aadai (6.4)
  • Adhe Kangal (7.3) 
  • Aruvi (8.7) 
  • Ayogya (6.1) 
  • Bharat Ane Nenu (7.7)
  • Imaikkaa Nodigal (7.4) 
  • Joker (8.4) 
  • Kaala (6.8) 
  • Kaatrin Mozhi (7.4) 
  • Kadaikutty Singam (7.0) 
  • Karma (6.9) 
  • Maanagaram (8.1) 
  • Maayavan (7.3) 
  • Monster (6.8) 
  • Nadigaiyar Thilagam or Mahanati (8.6)
  • NGK (6.1) 
  • NOTA (6.4) 
  • Pariyerum Perumal (8.9) 
  • Peranbu (9.2) 
  • Raatchasi (7.4)
  • Rangasthalam (8.4) 
  • Seethakaathi (7.0) 
  • Thaanaa Serndha Koottam (6.9) 
  • Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru (8.3)
  • Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru (8.3) 
  • Theri (7.1) 
  • Thuparivaalan (7.5) 
  • To Let (8.0) 
  • U Turn (7.0) 
  • Unakkul Naan (6.5) 
  • Uriyadi (8.1) 
  • Vellai Pookal (7.3) 
  • Vidiyum Munn (7.4) 
  • Viswasam (6.7) 
  • Asuran (8.9)
  • Kaappaan (6.8)

Best Tamil Films on Amazon Prime

This list is in alphabetical order, but please note I am only including news movies that are from 2012 to October 2019.

They’re many older Tamil movies on Prime Video but I assume you are interested in the new releases, so have included all those films with the IMDB ratings and double checked the Google audience score as well to ensure those ratings are accurate!

You can also find trailers and small details on each movie below!

1. 2.0

IMDB: 6.4

Year: 2018

Kind of strange to be first in the list even though it’s 2.0 right? We’re in ABC order folks! A 2018 Tamil-Hindi science fiction film with a nice social message.  A nice pop culture masala movie. Give it a one time watch if you’re in the mood for this genre and it’s safe for the full family! 

Simon Abrahams of RogerEbert.com gave the 3.5 stars and said “Against all reason–against all common sense–2.0 works, and in a big, big way. 

Starring Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson and Sudhanshu Pandey.

2. Aadai

IMDB: 6.4

Year: 2019

An edge of your seat thriller type of movie about a free spirited girl who gets into trouble after a late night party. Playing on themes of conservative India and how we judge those in society.

Starring Amala Paul, Vivek Prasanna and Ramya Subramanian.

3. Adhe Kangal

IMDB: 7.3

Year: 2017

This 2017 romantic action thriller is about a blind chef who falls in love with a mysterious customer, full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing and entertained!

From director Rohin Venkatesan. 

Starring Kalaiyarasan, Janani Iyer, Sshivada and Bala Saravanan.

4. Aruvi 

IMDB 8.7 

Year: 2017

This 2017 socio political drama film was highly praised for its use of satire and more.  The film also won many awards across the world and is one of the better movies on this list about a simple middle class girl dealing with society troubles.

An enjoyable film if you’re a fan of this type of genre.  Filmfare choice awards and many other accolades.

Starring Aditi Balan, Anjali Varadhan and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy.

5. Ayogya 

IMDB 6.1 

Year: 2019

This 2019 revenge action drama has some stunning cinematography.  It’s an official remake of the Telugu film Temper.   About a police officer, corruption, morals and lessons from society.

Fans and critics were split as the IMDB scores aren’t so high but the Google reviews are at 91%. 

Starring Vishal, Raashi Khanna, R. Parthiban and K. S. Ravikumar.

6. Bharat Ane Nenu 

IMDB 7.7 

Year: 2018

This 2018 Telugu movie has a Tamil dubbed version on Amazon Prime also as Bharat Enna Njan. It is a political thriller drama type of film about leadership and government reform when a kid has to take over his dad’s leadership upon returning from overseas.

Starring Mahesh Babu, Kiara Advani, Prakash Raj, R. Sarathkumar, Devaraj, Posani Krishna Murali and Brahmaji.

7. Imaikkaa Nodigal 

IMDB 7.4 

Year: 2018

This 2018 psychological drama and crime thriller film has a serial killer plot line. Very positive reviews across the board for the whole team. 

The director keeps some very good twists in the story as well. 

Starring Nayanthara, Atharvaa, Raashi Khanna, Anurag Kashyap and Ramesh Thilak.

Before we get to joker, here is a joker of a movie.

8. Joker

IMDB: 8.4

Year: 2019

A wonderful political satire film about love and corruption. Don’t confuse it with the 2019 Hollywood Joker movie (which was also fantastic).

This 2016 movie one the best film award at Chennai Film Festival as well as many other critically acclaimed awards. 

Starring Guru Somasundaram, Ramya Pandiyan and Gayathri Krishnaa.

9. Kaala 

IMDB 6.8 

Year: 2018

The 2018 superstar Rajinikanth movie is an action and drama that had audiences split.  However it is a must watch action drama film to see for yourself. 

Starring Rajinikanth, Nana Patekar, Samuthirakani, Easwari Rao and Huma Qureshi.

10. Kaatrin Mozhi 

IMDB 7.4 

Year: 2018

This 2018 movie is one of the best Tamil comedy movies on Amazon Prime.  It’s about middle class values and a housewife getting her shot to be an RJ on the radio.  A very sweet film with some English Vinglish vibes!

A remake of the Hindi movie Tumhari Sulu, which was one of the Best Bollywood movies of 2017. 

Starring Jyothika, Vidharth and Lakshmi Manchu.

11. Kadaikutty Singam 

IMDB: 7.0

A 2018 Tamil drama film about a farmer family and trying to keep it together. 

Definitely a Tamil crowd pleasing film and I predict will be a hit in smaller towns.

Starring Karthi, Sathyaraj, Sayyeshaa, Priya Bhavani Shankar and Arthana Binu.

12. Karma 

IMDB: 6.9 

Year: 2015

A 2015 direct to online independent film about the perfect murder. A small Tamil amateur film that now has a home on Amazon Prime, give it twenty minutes to see if it hooks you in. 

Starring R. Arvind.

13. Maanagaram 

IMDB 8.1 

Year: 2017

A 2017 movie action thriller Tamil film about ransom.  Great reviews and a compelling story with good review ratings and scores make this one of the better Tamil movies on Amazon prime. 

The movie was written and directed by Lokesh Kanagara.

Starring Sri, Sundeep Kishan, Regina Cassandra, Charle, Madhusudhan Rao, Ramdoss and Vivek Prasanna.

14. Maayavan 

IMDB 7.3 

Year: 2017

A science fiction movie has a mystery angle to it with a serial killer plot.  One of the better Tamil suspense film to watch on Amazon Prime. 

Starring Sundeep Kishan, Lavanya Tripathi, Jackie Shroff, Daniel Balaji, Mime Gopi, R. Amarendran, Bagavathi Perumal and Jayaprakash.

15. Monster 

IMDB 6.8 

Year: 2019

A new Tamil comedy animation movie for 2019 on Amazon Prime Video about a guy chasing a rat only to have a criminal looking for diamonds in his home.  

A nice family fun movie to watch in a live action cartoon format with good special effects.

Go ahead and give it a watch if you’re in the mood for good acting and some nice light hearted humor!

Starring S. J. Surya, Priya Bhavani Shankar and Karunakaran.

16. Nadigaiyar Thilagam (Mahanati)

IMDB: 8.6

Year: 2018

A wonderful film that opened immediately to success from critics and audiences alike.  There is also a Malayalam version which was recently dubbed.   It’s an emotional biopic about the legendary famous actress Savitri.

Won many awards, one of the best Tamil and Telugu films on Amazon prime. 

Starring Keerthy Suresh, Dulquer Salmaan, Samantha Akkineni and Vijay Devarakonda.

17. NGK 

IMDB: 6.1

Year: 2019

A political action film about fighting corruption.  Flop or Fan favorite? Fans were split over this movie, and superfans of the director trolled anybody who dared speak a bad thing about the movie.  Sad that is the reality of 2019 internet but what to do? 

If the movie wasn’t for you die hard fans say that ten years later you will appreciate the movie.  Regardless, do watch for yourself and comment your thoughts below. 

Starring Suriya, Sai Pallavi (who also was the worldwide star of Rowdy Baby fame) and Rakul Preet. 

Audiobooks instead of movies? A good free trial for Indian listeners.

18. NOTA 

IMDB: 6.4 

Year: 2018

A video game designer from the UK has to return to Tamil Nadu to fight government corruption. 

Another Tamil political thriller film from 2018 that is part of Amazon Prime Video’s Tamil Drama collection. Vijay Deverakonda’s is a very versatile actor.

Starring Vijay Devarakonda and Mehreen Pirzada.

19. Pariyerum Perumal 

IMDB 8.9 

Year: 2018

One of the best Tamil movies on Amazon Prime from 2018 and the best Tamil drama film. 

A law student from a lower level in Indian society finds for an upper caste girl.  Fantastic debut direction by Mari Selvaraj.  A great testament to the power of Tamil cinema. 

Must watch Tamil movie that received many awards across the world. 

Starring Kathir and Anandhi.

20. Peranbu 

IMDB 9.2 

Year: 2019

A bold social film with many themes about modern life in which a father has to take care of his daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy yet is trying to deal with all the usual hurdles of life.

Starts around the time his wife walks out on him.  

Critics and audiences gave many awards for this movie. Cool narrative devices told in chapters. This 2019 film features a great actor and director and has very high ratings and reviews.  Some called it a rare masterpiece. Some say it’s also the best Tamil film of 2019.  

Also available on Netflix. 

Starring Mammootty, Anjali, Sadhana and Anjali Ameer.

21. Raatchasi

IMDB: 7.4

Year: 2019

A lovely 2019 movie about a headmaster at a school overcoming obstacles and society.

Jyothika holds the movie together well. Directed by Sy. Gowthamraj.

Starring Jyothika, Hareesh Peradi, Poornima Bhagyaraj, Sathyan, Nagineedu and Aruldoss.

22. Rangasthalam 

IMDB 8.4 

Year: 2018

Two brothers, one of whom is hard of hearing try to take down a bad village ruler.  A Telugu film but  worth watching the Tamil Version on Amazon Prime Video. Also a box office success which one many awards and had an ensemble cast. 

Starring Ram Charan, Samantha Akkineni, Jagapati Babu, Aadhi Pinisetty and Prakash Raj.

23. Seethakaathi 

IMDB: 7.0 

Year: 2018

This interesting Tamil art film also covers some drama and comedy.  An artsy and entertaining film about a theater actor shifting to the big screen that is all Vijay Sethupathi. 

Film has it’s moments but won’t be for everyone. It is also nearly three hours long but got very positive reviews from the Indian media. 

Starring Vijay Sethupathi, Mouli and Archana.


24. Thaanaa Serndha Koottam 

IMDB 6.9 

Year: 2018

A nice heist robbery type of comedy film you can watch tonight on Amazon prime. 

About someone who wants to be a CBI officer but gets rejected, and then turns to the other side of the law. 

Based on the original movie Special 26. 

Starring Suriya, Karthik, Keerthy Suresh and Ramya Krishnan.

25. Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru  (Theeran)

IMDB: 8.3 

A 2017 action thriller film that is one of the top Tamil cop films to watch on Amazon or anywhere. 

There is no need to go Tamilrockers friends when you can find such classy movies on Amazon and the other streaming providers in high quality also!

We are all eagerly waiting for the sequel!

Starring Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh and Abhimanyu Singh.

26. Theri 

IMDB 7.1 

Year: 2016

Tamil movies love their police drama and action stories, and here is another cop movie form 2016. 

Lovely movie with decent box office collections and superb acting by Vijay. 

Starring Vijay, Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Amy Jackson.

27. Thuparivaalan 

IMDB 7.5 

Year: 2017

A detective uncovers a large conspiracy in this Tamil action thriller film from 2017 by director Mysskin.

The Hindi version of this movie is called Dashing Detective and also available on the streaming platforms. 

Starring Vishal, Prasanna, Vinay, Anu Emmanuel and Andrea Jeremiah.

28. To Let 

IMDB 8.0 

Year : 2017

This National Award winning movie is just one hour and forty minutes and about a lower middle class family moving into their dream home.  

It’s a beautiful and moving Tamil film worth a one time watch. 

It is a full of emotional and drama type of movie that will grip you from start to finish and also received over 32 awards. 

Good choice by Amazon Prime Video to grab this Tamil short film!

The movie was written, directed and filmed by Chezhiyan with production credits going to his wife Prema.

Starring Santhosh Sreeram, Suseela, Dharun and Aadhira Pandilakshmi.

29. U Turn 

IMDB 7.0

Year: 2016

This movie is based on the  Kannada film industry movie with the same name, which was shot back in 2016 about mysterious deaths at flyovers in Bangalore.  

It was filmed both in Tamil and Telugu and directed by Pawan Kumar. 

One of the best Tamil horror film movies on Amazon and also just generally from the film industry.  Fans of Samanth will really appreciate this film!

Starring Samantha Akkineni, Aadhi Pinisetty, Rahul Ravindran and Bhumika Chawla.

30. Unakkul Naan 

IMDB: 6.5

Year: 2015

A small indie film about a young boy who believes his late mother is watching over him.  

An experimental art film that won’t be for everybody.  

Not many people know about this film but if you happen to stumble upon it’s an interesting watch. 

 Directed by G. Venkatesh Kumar. 

Starring Karthik Nagarajan. 

31. Uriyadi 

IMDB 8.1 

Year: 2016

Four innocent college kids get into trouble in this political action 2016 Tamil thriller movie that was reviewed well fans and critics alike. 

A small budget film that is one of the best Tamil films of the year. 

Received many awards and accolades. Themes including politicians who use caste to further their selfish ambitions. 

A must watch Tamil movie on Amazon. Also a debut masterpiece from Vijay Kumar.  Nice climax scene also. 

Starring Vijay Kumar, Mime Gopi, Citizen Sivakumar, Chandru Kumar and Henna Bella.

32. Vellai Pookal 

IMDB 7.3 

Year: 2019

A Tamil mystery crime thriller type of film what was filmed in Seattle, Washington in the United States about a retired officer who visits his son and then investigates a missing person in the area. 

One of the better Tamil crime genre movies on Amazon from 2019.  Directed by Vivek Elangovan and well received by critics. 

Starring Vivek, Charle, Dev, Pooja Devariya and Paige Henderson.

33. Vidiyum Munn 

IMDB 7.4 

Year: 2013

A Tamil thriller in which a girl call and a twelve year old she is trying to protect are running from four goons. 

Not a major production but worth a one time watch if you have seen all the other thrillers on Amazon. 

Directed by former ad executive turned filmmaker Balaji K. Kumar.

Starring Pooja Umashankar, Malavika Manikuttan and Vinod Kishan.

34. Viswasam 

IMDB 6.7 

Year: 2019

One of the newer Tamil films about family drama with mass punch lines and good action scenes to keep all of the fans happy. 

For sure a one time watch and entertainer that will delight you to watch if you don’t expect too much from the eventual predictable script.

Thala Ajith’s fans will be happy with this Amazon release! Directed by Siva. 

Starring Ajith Kumar and Nayanthara.

35. Asuran

IMDB: 8.9

Year: 2019

One of the best Tamil films from 2019 available luckily on Amazon Prime.

A dark gritty drama about families at odds, farming life and good versus bad.

I don’t want to give too much away about this action drama but the actors and director are in top form and this is an edge of your seat movie that is not a passive watch, you should pay attention throughout and it won’t be too difficult too!

Starring Dhanush, Manju Warrier

36. Kaappaan

IMDB: 6.8

Year: 2019

Another thriller by K.V. Anand about the lives of government security officials that has crowd favorite Suriya in top form.

A patriotic film that fans will appreciate, newcomers may find not as exciting as some of the earlier works in the genre. A good one time commercial watch in either case you can give a look if you’ve seen most of the other films on this list.

Starring: Suriya, Mohanlal and Arya.

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What do you think are the best Tamil movies  on Amazon Prime Video India?

I will keep updating this list with the latest releases from Kollywood so do keep the comments coming!

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