I don’t know what I’m doing
It’s time I feel I’m losing
Wake up and read the news
Facebook Gmail then evening booze
Life can feel very routine, despite the abundance of distraction
Does the law of attraction apply if your momentum gets no traction?
My dog…he seems so happy…despite this life that seems so crappy
Sitting all day that in that empty house, satisfied with life’s simple pleasures
The only happiness I understand is the types of things that I can measure
I read about depression and they said you’ll have a hard time waking up
I get up just fine but by afternoon I’m like “What the Fu*k?”
I’m not sad, I’m not mad, I’m just confused on my attitude considering the abundance that I’ve had
Sitting on a beach is fun but just reminds me of the things I haven’t reached
This is such a random feeling, so how can they even teach?
“Hey mom…I’m healthy, I’m fine, I got money in the bank…but I just feel something is off in my heart and think tank?”
“Beta, I understand, so let me say this to you lightly.”
“Shut the fuck up and be greatful, do Yoga if you have to.”
“You have a paradox of choice, but at least you have a voice.  The hard part now is just filtering the noise.”
….Hmmm…Thanks, I needed that.


Let me know if this helped you or any comments?