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Indians are hungry for creative and intellectual content outside of celebrity interviews.  Most of the major studios are only now focusing on dumbing down their audiences, but outside are coming in to try and do something special.  Big players like Spotify, AudioBoom, IVM podcasts and others are also starting to take it seriously.  Be a part of the movement and subscribe!

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Power Your Potential Tomorrow

Every Day corporate India goes to work or school feeling unfulfilled and unchallenged.

Now they don't have to.

GQ India Top 6 Podcasts

Every episode Sanjay and/or guests discuss lifestyle and creativity on this highly reviewed podcast that discusses technology, comedy, lifestyle, wellness, Indian or South Asian culture and more. 



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"It was a wonderful time, thanks a lot. Love and light"
Vir Das Sanjay Manaktala Podcast
Vir Das
Indian Face of Comedy
"I will do Sanjay's podcast anytime, any day."
Kunal Kamra Sanjay Manaktala Podcast
Kunal Kamra


Birdy Num Num Podcast Reviews

One of the Best Indian Podcasts on Spotify!

The Birdy Num Num Podcast is a lifestyle and creativity podcast where Indian-America comedian Sanjay Manaktala sits down to discuss all things technology, comedy, lifestyle, wellness and more. 

Global Comedian

The Global Comedian Podcast was one of the first podcasts in India where Sanjay interviewed comics from all across the world, including some now very famous ones across India and beyond. 

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