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stand up comedy advice how do i get more stage time

How Do I Get More Stage Time?

Updated July 2019 In this post I'm going to explain how aspiring stand up comedians, whether in the USA or ...
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Varun Agarwal Motivation Anu Aunty

Varun Agarwal | Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make

Varun Agarwal is quite a celebrity in Bangalore, the young entrepreneurial startup world (e.g. guys who watch TVF Pitchers and ...
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indian stand up comedy lessons

Ten Mistakes Indian Stand Up Comics Make (2019)

Updated July 2019 Note: If you're not Indian, most of this stuff still applies across comedy scenes in the US, ...
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Aswathi Balakrishnan How to be a fashion blogger

Indian Fashion Bloggers | How To Get 100K Followers

In this post I'm going to explain some real, painful, not easy advice on how you can actually get followers ...
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sanjay manaktala ub city

Bangalore Traffic | Are We at Fault? (2019)

I've lived in Bangalore for close to 10 years now. When I landed at 3AM I remember driving through an ...
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Stand up comedians in Bangalore

Best Indian Stand Up Comedy Videos (ENGLISH)

Stand up Comedy in India is Booming in 2019. I started much of the stand-up comedy wave in India and ...
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Reasons Why You're Single

Stand Up Comedy Videos by Sanjay Manaktala (ENGLISH)

On this page you'll quickly find the latest Stand up comedy videos in English by Bangalore stand-up comedian Sanjay Manaktala ...
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How To Get Onsite Opportunity

Why You Hate your Tech Job or Want to Quit Engineering

I grew up in what I’m going to assume are similar circumstances to yourself. I enjoyed playing games, hanging out ...
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How To Enjoy Your Wedding

Please Enjoy Your Own Indian Wedding

As a groom and a stand-up comedian, what a whirlwind weekend having a big fat Indian wedding can be. I've ...
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Best Indian Podcasts

Best Indian Podcasts 2019

Want to know the top podcasts in India you should be listening to? Podcasts in India are just getting started ...
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How to get onsite opportunities

How to Get Onsite Opportunities (2019)

Do you want to know how to work onsite or get some overseas assignments? Either with TCS, Infosys, Accenture or ...
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How to be a stand up comedian in India

How to Do Stand Up Comedy in India or Anywhere

In this post, I'm going to explain how to have a stand-up comedy career in India or America or Australia ...
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indian mama's boy

The Indian Mamas Boy Paradox

Can A Mother's Love Cause Harm? The modern Indian man is an interesting specimen. A good portion of us fit ...
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Selfie Self Conscious

If You Care What People Think…Think Again

As I mature into my thirties, they're two things that I’ll always regret. 1. Not starting stand up comedy earlier ...
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sanjay manaktala comedy advice

Failure as a Comedian

Updated: Jan 2019 As I write this post it’s 11PM on a Wednesday night.  I’ve just returned home still wearing the suit ...
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why are you so average?

Who Enables your Mediocrity?

I was chatting with my brother the other day and telling him how one of the toughest parts of freelancing ...
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Stand up comedy tips india

New to Comedy? Make Friends to Survive

Stand up comedy is a very interesting art form in that to the casual observer it appears anybody can do ...
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Reasons Why You're Single

Reasons Why You’re Still Single (Indian Version)

In this post I'm going to explain why you're single and helpless. I'm also going to give you some tips ...
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comedy is hard career struggles

#SanjayPoetry: MEH

I don’t know what I’m doing It’s time I feel I’m losing   Wake up and read the news Facebook ...
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do nice guys really finish last

Nice Guys Finish Last. But What’s the Hurry?

Many years ago I was sitting on the couch with my girlfriend at the time, hearing her yell at me ...
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sanjay manaktala


31 DAYS. NO DRINKS. NO SMOKES. AND NO MEAT. How many of you get really drunk, eat a gigantic meal ...
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how to build confidence not be creepy

I’m so Scared of Looking Creepy that I Won’t Ask You Out

I was at a bar in Goa recently doing what middle-class millennials do when they’re trying to cling on to ...
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praveen kumar comedian

Comedian Takes Photo with Mic In Hand

34-year-old Infosys employee Comedian Praveen Rao recently changed his Facebook profile photo to a shot of him holding a microphone, ...
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